An AMAZING morning!

Well, this morning has been filled to the brim with emotions! I was so nervous before our appointment; Scott (my fiancé, FYI) came with me and tried his hardest to settle me down, but I was FREAKING out…

However, we are so happy and excited to share our news with friends now! Our families have known for about 8 weeks so it’s nice to involve our friends and let everyone know.

Before the appointment, I was told to drink LOTS of water; in order to get good ultrasound pictures and make sure baby was measuring on track. Well, baby decided to have a little party in there and move about for the whole appointment! I had to lie on my back, my left side and my right side to try and get a good picture, but more importantly to make sure little peanut was developing at a normal rate.

It was such an amazing experience and I am so relieved that everything is going really well with baby! So…my next appointment is in December with the midwife, so hopefully we will get to hear baby’s heartbeat, as we still haven’t heard it yet! But, our ultrasound showed a lovely beating heart YAY! 🙂

I am thinking of doing YouTube vlogs to log my pregnancy journey or maybe just stick to weekly/monthly updates via my blog…hmm…*pondering*

Anyway, little baby peanut is due in early May 2015 – we can’t wait to meet you!!

Much love,



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