Arran Aromatics || Honey + Lemon Lip Balm

LipBalm3 LipBalm4

This cute little pot holds such a lovely sweet-smelling lip balm. I bought this product a while ago, when I worked for the company, for my Summer holiday.

It has a lovely consistency, similar to Vaseline, but not as thick and sticky. When you put it on your lips it feels great; it is super shiny and it even tastes nice…

This lip balm is great for Summer as it has UV protection. But I also love it for the Autumn/Winter months, when the weather is much cooler and my lips start to crack. I even wear it over my lipstick if I am going on a night out, it seals the lippy and gives my lips a great shine too. The compact size means I can take it in my handbag day or night. I just love it!

This is one of my favourite products from the Scottish company. It is a 15ml pot and costs £3.50; however, Arran Aromatics have so many offers on over the course of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for a little bargain here!

You can shop this amazing lip balm here – http://www.arranaromatics.com/collections/feel-good-formulas/honey-lemon-lip-balm-with-uv-protector/

What are your thoughts of this company? And which is your favourite products?

Much love,



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