Pregnancy || Week 4-13 Update

I’m not sure how popular these types of blog posts are. Or whether they should be in their own private blog altogether. But this is a huge time of my life and my fiancé’s that I think it deserves a mention on my blog. Even if people aren’t interested in the slightest, or don’t read it; it’s something I can look back on myself.

I found out I was pregnant when I was just under four weeks pregnant. I had the implant removed less than a month before, so it all happened extremely quickly. Yay us! From then until now (thirteen weeks and four days), has flown by! I cannot believe how quickly this is going. *cry* . So, in this post I will try to accumulate all of my symptoms; first signs and my general thought process. And all the other fun stuff pregnancy entails!


I have been really quite lucky with regards to pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness has pretty much been non-existent, just the odd feeling off nausea whenever I stand up too quickly or the shower is too hot. So pretty happy about that!

Bloating is a lovely pregnancy symptom … not! But again, I haven’t experienced much of this. Every now-and-again I will after a large meal, but I have begun to eat smaller meals more often.

Oh, lovely pregnancy symptom #3 – frequent urination. I pee constantly! At very ungodly hours also! which leads me to my next symptom.

Sleep was difficult a couple of weeks ago, until my fiancé kindly purchased the best gift – that I have EVER had! This pillow is thee most amazing thing in the world. It is a nine foot pillow that is just nine foot of sheer wonderful! I wrap myself around it in ways I never knew I could! ha ha!!

Next up, is tender/swollen breasts. My oh my! The tenderness was unbelievable, I have never felt anything like it. But now the tenderness is gone; but they keep on growin’!

Food aversions and cravings has been quite a biggy for me so far. I don’t really have specific food cravings, that I eat constantly. But I am now really fussy on the things I eat. Chicken can be okay one minute, but horrible the next. So, it is quite annoying after I cook a meal and when I sit down to eat it, it’s not what I want. In saying that, I have really enjoyed eating oranges and fruit. So, not too bad a craving?!

I have put on a little weight, and I have found it hard to fit into my regular clothes. So, my mum very kindly took me shopping for some staple pieces to keep me going until I found the type of clothing I like to wear. We went to Mothercare, where I purchased two bra’s – one white, one black – these are non-wired and really comfortable. They are more for pregnancy than for nursing, but I feel like I could use them for nursing too. They cost around £30, not very sexy AT ALL, but they are really comfortable and that’s all that matters right now.

We then headed to New Look, after traipsing around so many stores and finding either no maternity wear in store at all (“online only I’m afraid” – because pregnant women obviously don’t shop or go outside ever) or a teeny-weeny-poky section shoved in the far corner!  I picked up some very basic long-sleeved tops and some plain black leggings. Not very exciting, but I needed something to keep me going, as I didn’t know what would feel comfortable for me. So, I have a little maternity wardrobe but nothing too fancy.

So, really I feel very lucky that I haven’t had really horrible symptoms, especially the morning sickness as I find being sick, one of the worst things to happen.

The one thing that really bothers me, is the fact that this pregnancy seems to be flying by. It was only five minutes ago it seems that I took the test and here we are nearly fourteen weeks and my second scan appointment booked for week twenty. I probably won’t be saying this during the last few weeks (HA!) but I will deal with that when I come to it. I think I should be allowed to enjoy my pregnancy without everyone telling me how I will be feeling further down the line!! That is another thing, all the mum’s of the world come out from the woodwork with their thoughts and experiences and offload onto you; whether you asked or not! People feel the need to tell you CONSTANTLY of how horrible you will feel, and just how uncomfortable you will be and how very very very very VERY tired you will be! These are things that I am very much aware of and probably 95% of pregnant women are! This is just a little niggle of mine; can you tell?

I have previously posted about our first scan, so I won’t tell this again. But what I will say is that is was such an amazing experience, I will never forget it.

So, this is my very condensed first trimester recap. I don’t know how many readers will be interested, but it’s happening in my life and it’s something I know very well to write about! So, let me know what you think!

I will post a pregnancy-wardrobe haul later once I acquire some other pieces!

Much love,



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