Maternity Wear || Mothercare & New Look Mini Haul

Due to my body growing and changing from pregnancy, I found it difficult to fit into my usual clothes comfortably. So, my mum took me on a mini maternity wear haul…

We stopped off at Mothercare to have a look at clothing and some other bits and pieces for baby. To be honest, their maternity wear section was pretty small and there weren’t many items I liked and that I feel, would suit my age. But we picked up two maternity bras – which are super duper comfy. They may not be under the category of ‘sexy lingerie’, but tender and swollen breasts need soft non-wired support!

Link to purchase similar product – http://www.mothercare.com/Blooming-Marvellous-Lace-Maternity-Support-Bras-Sizes-F-and-G–2-Pack/LX3093,default,pd.html

Then, we trailed around so many high-street stores to find some basic maternity wear. H&M has a tiny little section shoved in the corner of their Braehead store. The section was all over the place, it was really messy and cluttered. So we did not spend much time there at all.

Next was Dorothy Perkins, as we heard they do some great maternity wear for cheap! But we were told by the sales assistant that it was ‘available online only’. It seems that stores believe pregnant women do not shop or go outside, ever!

So after traipsing around we finally came across another teeny-tiny section in New Look. Now, I was only searching for the most basic of clothing. And I really mean basic. I have never spent so much time looking for plain black leggings in my life, it was unbelievable. Anyway, I found these great maternity over-the-bump leggings. Not very exciting, but my thought process was comfort, comfort, comfort! I find these great value for money, a 2 pack was only £14.99! A bargain for a wardrobe staple piece.

Link to purchasehttp://www.newlook.com/shop/maternity/shop-department/maternity-2-pack-full-length-leggings_238416801

I then purchased these basic 3/4 length sleeved tops. I can mix and match with my leggings and I can dress them up or down. I change my scarves, jewellery and footwear, to make my outfit a little more exciting depending on where I am wearing it to.

Link to purchasehttp://www.newlook.com/shop/maternity/tops/maternity-3-pack-cream-purple-and-black-striped-3-4-sleeve-tops_319853299

So, now that the party season is coming up, and generally wanting a few more pieces of clothing, I will be heading to the shops again soon. However, since pregnancy only last a short while, I do not intend to spend a fortune of this type of clothing. My body will change throughout pregnancy, and I will lose the weight whenever I am ready to after baby is born, so I won’t get a lot of maternity wear. So, I plan to spend my money on major things for baby and just spend a little amount of maternity wear – seems fair to me. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will only be posting a few pregnancy-related posts, as I know they can be uninteresting to those who are not pregnant!

Much love,



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