Hair Product Review || L’anza KB2 Protein Plus Shampoo&Leave in Protector

I was kindly gifted these products a little while ago by my uncle, who is also my hairdresser, as my hair was in a quite a bad state! I have naturally dark-dark brown hair and I dip dyed it a blondish colour, which resulted in my hair turning into straw – NOT attractive.


So, I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for every 3rd wash. Due to having to tie my hair back for my job, I didn’t see much point wasting the products. My hair is naturally oily, so unfortunately I need to wash it every two days, if not everyday *cry*. So, using this product could be pretty costly for me.

In saying that, it makes my hair feel and look amazing! I haven’t had my hair cut in a long time (oops!), with moving house, a new job and pregnancy related appointments – a girl can lose track of time. My hair is still quite poor at the ends due to hair dye, but the shampoo and conditioner make the ends look and feel like they’ve just been cut. My hair is so shiny and soft, and it smells amazing! I feel that it really cleans my hair without stripping it.

The shampoo is used as normal, whereas the conditioner is a Leave in Protector, which should be applied after washing and left in the hair to absorb. At first, I wasn’t so keen about this, as my hair is so long and turns into rats tails! But it was really easy to brush through and wasn’t too much of a problem for me.

I would recommend these products if you have damaged hair like me, due to hair dye or sun exposure, I do think they are great! However, when these are finished, my purse won’t allow me to re-purchase, so it’s back to basics for me until after Christmas time *tears*.

Let me know what you think about L’anza’s products and if you’ve tried these specific ones!

Much Love,

x WNL 


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