Pillar Candles || Supermarket Sweep


Candles are one of my all-time favourite things. I have tea lights and pillar candles which I burn every night. I find them so relaxing, but it can be costly (oops). So, when I found these I was over the moon.

I was shopping in Asda and I came across their home ware section and took a few tea lights to try out. I loved them and they were cheap so it was a win win for me! Now I purchase all my candles for my flat from here.

I have to say, the smell doesn’t linger as long as I would like, but I do like just having them in the background. So for that, I think the price is great. And they last forever!

I opted for the blackberry scent as I liked the colour as well as the smell! And at two for £5 they were an absolute steal! So if you wanted you could have more than one burning at the same time, which would still cost less than most brand names.

Next time you are shopping at Asda, take a look at their home section. There’s so many cute little things which are really cheap. I would totally recommend these to everyone!

Check out their selection of candles here!

Much love,



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