My Number 1 Pregnancy Must-have! || Life

As you get further into pregnancy, you become more uncomfortable. Trying to find the perfect sleep position can be quite frustrating as well as tossing and turning and sighing all night long. So, my fiancé bought me a pregnancy pillow to end all my suffering!

I searched online everywhere, don’t shop in Mamas and Papas etc. as it’s just daylight robbery! Scott got mine from eBay and it’s great for the price of under £25. It’s a U-shape pillow and is 9ft in length, each leg measures 4.5ft. You can wrap it around your legs, or sit in the middle and have back support. Have a look around eBay and see which you prefer. They really are a life saver!

You can thank me later mummy’s-to-be!


Sadly my pillow is currently in the wash! So I stole this picture from Google of a woman looking very comfortable. Don’t you think?! 😉

Much love,

x WNL 




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