New Year’s Resolutions || Life

Firstly, a very happy New Year to everyone! I hope it will be a great year for all!HNY

Well that’s Christmas well and truly over for another year! It’s now 2015 and we all know this means New Years’ resolutions. Of which some are kept and some well, are forgotten.

Usually my long list of resolutions include getting fit, losing weight and eating healthier. But I’ve decided to narrow them down to things that truly matter and mean something to me personally. Some people might think they are ridiculous or sad, but to me they are real. And they mean a lot to me.


1. Be a good mother.

What I mean is, I want to do everything and anything I can for my son, who will be born in May this year. Including, going back to university and really growing my business. It also includes just being there and not taking a minute for granted with him. He will be the best gift I will ever receive and I want to remember and love every second of it!

2. Venture out of my comfort zone.

This is huge for me living with anxiety. Going to the shop for milk can be a huge task for me and to be honest, I don’t do it very often. So, this year I want to step out of my comfort zone every so often; whilst experiencing new and exciting things. Whether that be going for a walk through the park or going to a fitness class. I want to achieve this and I hope I can!

3. Draw a line.

Just like everyone else, I’ve experienced my own batch of heartaches. I’ve had a difficult time with certain things including my health; but I’m on a great track and I just have to keep on truckin’. I’ve decided to draw a line from the past and start a fresh. I will never forget but I’ve conquered my demons and I’m ready to move on. For me and for my family.

4. Give a little.

This year I would love to do some bits and bobs for charity. Whether that be volunteering or handing in food to a food bank. Maybe I will even attempt a 5K … (Not likely).

These may seem irrelevant to some people but to me they mean the world. 2015 is an exciting year and I’m ready for it!

                       What are your resolutions for 2015? Do you think you’ll stick them out?


With love,



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