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Scott&I have been really into our cooking recently. We are pretty much starting from the very bottom of the cookery-skill-scale but we’re doing well so far!

Scott chose two recipes to try first, which he found on BBC Good Food website. Chilli con carne and Spiced carrot&lentil soup. They were both absolutely delicious and really easy to make, it’s given us more confidence to try out more complex dishes. But for now we will stick with the easy’s! We would most likely tweak each recipe to suit our particular tastes, for example making the chilli a little bit more spicy.

The website itself is great. There are so many recipes to choose from and you are sure to find something that suits you! Whether it be a hearty mid-week meal or a scrumptious cake (mmm…). The recipes are extremely easy to follow and you can read through the comments of people who have tried the recipes, to decide whether you would prefer adding more of an ingredient or maybe leaving it out all together.

I would definitely recommend the website, especially if you are a first time cook and are trying to get used to different ingredients and trying new things. We are pretty impressed with how ours turned out! But here’s a couple of pictures to decide for yourself! Next time we will take better pictures of what we are making, as they actually turn out much better than hoped!

Soup Chilli

If you have any recipes you would like to share, please get in touch! We would give anything a go 🙂 !! 


With Love,



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