January Goals || Lifestyle


Whilst writing my New Year’s Resolutions post, I thought I would set goals and achievements (personal or otherwise), for each month ahead for 2015. So, here we are, the fourth day in January and it already seems to be flying past.

If someone was to ask me my number one fear, I would always say “time”. Time seems to be something I’ve lost and I want it back. I have previously wasted a lot of it thinking of the negatives and really forgot about the momentous things I’ve achieved and the sheer amount of positives. And with a baby on the way, I want to live everyday instead of hiding away and missing so many things.

I’ve come up with a list of things I want to achieve in January, and I’m looking forward to experiencing the new things ahead!

Get my company off the ground.

As a business student, I’m passionate about business and making money for myself. I set up an online retail company for women and in it’s first year it done pretty well, but I want growth. So, I want to talk to an advisor at business gateway and get the ball rolling! Plus, I will have a little bit of time on my hands whilst I’m off on maternity leave, so perfect timing! *My reward will hopefully lead to my own store one day and a future for myself. I like being independent!

Motivation for blogging.

I really do enjoy writing, even if nobody is reading it. It’s a hobby that I really need for myself, so I don’t want to back down now. I just need to muster the motivation to keep going with it. *My reward – A lovely new blog theme and my own domain name once I complete it. 

Bloglovin: First milestone.

I would really love to achieve 50 followers on Bloglovin by the end of the month. I hope people follow me for the right reasons, but I’d love to reach my first milestone. *My reward – More people reading what I have to say…that’s all the reward I need! 

Get some fresh air!

This is a huge one for me due to having anxiety, I freak out at the smallest tasks but I really want to achieve this on my own. I love the feeling of being out and about, especially at this time of the year. It’s also great for me to de-stress and clear my head. So I would like to do this at least once by the end of January. *My reward – Clear head, exercise and better mood.


With a baby on the way, space means everything. Obviously it will be full again with baby items in no time, but I’d much prefer that than things I don’t use nor need. Clutter affects my mood, so I want to keep on top of things. *My reward – Tidy space = tidy mind.


With love,



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