Cooking Enthusiasts Part 2 | Lifestyle

Since our last try at cooking went so well, we have kept at it and quite surprised at how easy things are to make. These recipes are also from the BBC Good Food website and are really easy to follow with their great step-by-step instructions and help from other people who have tried and tested the recipe already.

We really love soup in our house, it’s super easy to make, we usually have everything we need in order to make some sort of soup, whether it be Plain Jane lentil soup or something a bit more exciting. We decided to try a winter minestrone recipe, which includes NO pasta … we didn’t realise this until it came to cooking but I don’t see any problem in adding pasta if you would like it! The recipe used potato rather than pasta to thicken it up a little.

But it was really tasty, it made enough for four people and was quite generous portion sizes and very filling. It was also cheap to make and we will definitely be making this more often! YUM!

Winter Minestrone Soup


Next up is probably one of our most favourite dishes ever! We really enjoyed this dish at The King’s Wark Seafood Restaurant at the Shore in Edinburgh; they make THE best chowder ever! But we thought we would give it a try ourselves and we were really quite impressed with how it turned out.

We added different seafood than the recipe states, being pregnant some things make me ever-so-slightly queasy! So, we made a few little adjustments, which still tasted great! Next time we will definitely add mussels, once my pregnancy allows it! It was really creamy and filling, so I doubt we would make this very often. We will probably put this under the once-per-month category; but it truly is delicious!

This recipe was a little more pricey due to the ingredients and which fish and seafood you choose but it’s great for a treat!


Seafood Chowder
Seafood Chowder

If you have any recipes you think I should try out then send me your links to your blogs and I will have a look and test them out! 🙂

Much love,

x WNL 


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