Review | Sleek Face Form Contour Kit

Face Form Conotouring and Blush Palette

Contouring is being splashed everywhere just now thanks to Kim K, so I thought I would see what all the fuss is about. I hardly wear any make-up day-to-day, so it’s nice to have new make-up for when I do decide to wear it.

The packaging is plain and simple, just what I like! There’s a pretty large mirror on the inside of the compact, which is great for application on the go.

I opted for the Light kit, as I believe it was the best for my current skin tone – little pasty at the mo! The compact includes contouring powder, highlighting powder, and a rose gold blush. On the back of the packaging, there’s a little guide of how to use the product, but I’d recommend looking up on YouTube and finding a video to talk you through it, if you’re not 100%.

I think this little palette is great, it has everything you need for contouring in the one palette and it’s great if you want to start off contouring. However, I did purchase another palette, which I’ll do a review on once I’ve actually used it, which was more of a creamy consistency. The Sleek palette makes me feel I have eyeshadow on my face, little bit weird but I’m sure I’ll grow to love it! I’ve only used a handful of times, so I might be being a little unfair here, so I’ll come back to it in a few months. But the creamy palette I’m excited to use and have a wedding coming up in February so I will most likely use it for the first time then.

Face Form Conotouring and Blush Palette

Would I re-purchase? I will test out the creamy consistency palette first.

Good value for money? I think it’s okay value wise, it cost £9.99 from Superdrug.

Would I recommend? I’m not sure. I would like to try my other palette before actually recommending this one. I’m also relatively new to contouring, so I don’t think I can give a good recommendation just yet.

Overall view? I think the Sleek palette is a good product, it has everything you need in the one palette. The cost isn’t too deadly to at least try the product. However, I thought cream-based products would be better for contouring, but like I said, I’m new to the idea of contouring so I don’t know as yet!

Let me know if you have used this palette or another and what your thoughts are! I’d love to know your faves, so I can try them out 🙂

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