Pregnancy Journey | 34+5 weeks!

Wow. Time has went by so quickly and I cannot believe I have only 5 weeks left until baby’s appearance! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous…labour is a scary thought. But, I am so excited and cannot wait to become a mummy! Here’s a little overview of my journey so far!

How far along?  34+5 weeks (my weeks change over on a Sunday)

Total weight gain? As I’ve said previously, I don’t keep track of my weight as a general rule of thumb! But my midwife says I am on track and baby is measuring just right.

Maternity clothes? I still fit my maternity clothes I bought early on in my pregnancy. I team my maternity tops with long floaty type cardi’s and jumpers. I would rather spend the money on clothes when I lose the baby weight further down the line.

Stretch marks? Yes! I have stretch marks on both my sides, under my belly button area and a few on each of my thighs. No biggy for me!

Sleep? Sleep is generally great. I still get up about 3000 times a night to pee, but I drink a lot of water and decaf coffee before bed – so I only have myself to blame!

Best moment(s) so far? I absolutely loved finding out the sex of our baby! Also, picking out our pram, moses basket and getting the nursery ready has been super exciting! Also purchasing baby clothes and packing mine and baby’s hospital bag has been a fun experience! Looking at teeny-tiny clothes thinking “how can someone fit in there?!”.

Miss anything? I have been missing brie and cranberry sandwiches since I found out I was pregnant! Maybe coffee, however, I have been drinking decaf which is okay. A few odd things now and again when I have a notion; but nothing too crazy.

Food cravings? I go through notions of different things when they tickle my fancy! As I am writing this now, I will go with the past few day’s craving which is….chocolate cake…oh dear! YUM!

Symptoms? The second trimester was a walk in the park! Third trimester is slightly different. Baby is obviously getting bigger, meaning less space to somersault, so movements are harder. I actually really enjoy them as it’s nice to know he’s alright in there! I find the movements really comforting.  I get some pain across my belly button which can be quite sore, but I find a bath really helps so not too bothered.

Inny or outty? It’s still in-ish. I have 5 weeks left so it might pop out! Ew!

Mood? My mood is still great! I think this is due to no sickness and the fact I have a good night’s sleep!

Looking forward to? Bringing our baby home!! and before this, some labour classes!


I can’t believe baby will be here in roughly 5 weeks time, it’s so crazy! These weeks will be spent staring at the nursery and carting Millie (my cat) around the flat in baby’s pram! haha 🙂 

Much love,



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