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Motivational Monday

Here I am writing my first Motivational Monday post on my blog! I’m looking forward to these kinds of positive posts and will be fun to flick back through them and see what new and exciting things I have done!

I feel like a little bit of a fraud as I don’t have the Monday dread of getting out of bed to start work for the week (which I actually miss). But I do keep myself busy throughout the day, whilst battling with my ever-growing bellyย (the 6 day countdown is on!). I’m the type of person who likes to set little tasks for the day and go through them and tick them off. These aren’t necessarily written down, they may just be floating around in my head. But it’s nice to be able to tick at least a few things off per day, for my own sanity!

Source – Pinterest. Original source unknown.

Pinterest is an array of motivational and inspirational quotes, I love Pinterest to keep me going with little quotes like this! I chose this one because I feel that we humans in the 21st century, race around every day and don’t take enough minute-breaks to just sit down, look around us, and think “I’m going to enjoy today”.

So, today I plan on taking time out of rushing around daily life, to sit back and actually enjoy today. My Monday isn’t jam-packed with exciting and new adventures, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it!

It’s a pretty sunny day in Edinburgh this morning and will hopefully enable me to get outside for a little walk and fresh air later today. I hope it stays sunny, as my pregnancy feet mean I can no longer fit into proper shoes…flip flops, circa 2009, are my current fashion-forward-footwear.

Whether you are at work or having a long-overdue duvet day – enjoy today!

Much love,

x Natalie – WNLBlog


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