Dr Brown’s Bottles | Product Review

We rushed out to buy these along with Infacol to help Oliver’s colic one night when he was suffering really bad stomach pains. He was screaming his little head off and we felt so sorry for him! We’ve now been using these (not exclusively, we also use Avent bottles) for about 2/3 weeks now and I honestly have noticed a big difference in Oliver’s trapped wind that would cause him so much discomfort.

They are pretty expensive in comparison to other bottles, but I think that they are totally worth it if it makes your little one more comfortable and most of all – happy!
We went with the Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Starter Pack from Mothercare, which retails at £19.99 and includes –
2x 120ml bottles
1x 240ml bottle
2x size 1 teats
2x size 2 teats
1x cleaning brush
The only negative thing about the bottles is the fact they leak pretty badly when the water is too hot. It is solely down to the design of the bottle and a bit of common sense tells you not to shake the bottle when the water is scalding! I would suggest using a sterilised spoon to mix the formula or wait until the water cools slightly then shake to mix it through. Be carefully not to let the water cool down too much or the formula won’t mix thoroughly.
It was a bit of a pain at the start when the bottles leaked but with common sense and the fact they help Oliver, it’s only a small price to pay.
I’ve also seen online people saying the bottles are fiddly to clean but I really don’t think so…there is 6 pieces to each bottle but I find them really easy to clean and no hassle at all.
I would definitely recommend these to other parents for babies with colic, but everyone is different. What works for Oliver might not work for another baby, it’s completely trial and error! But give them a go, it’s only £20 to try and make your little one happier! And that to me is priceless.
Do you have any remedies for colic that you have used? What is your thoughts on Dr Brown’s bottles or are there others you use? Let me know below! 🙂
Much love,
Natalie x

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