Motivational Monday

Motivation Monday | Health&Fitness

Source: Google Images "Fitness Inspiration"
Source: Google Images “Fitness Inspiration”

I am one of those people who really detest exercise, I think it’s because I am really unfit and I struggle. Also, I only had a baby 3 months ago, so my body is still getting back to ‘normal’! Before I got pregnant, my body wasn’t exactly my ideal body, I had love handles, I had flabby bits, I didn’t really like myself. From 2011, I suffered bad health which had a knock-on effect with my weight, so I’d say I haven’t been 100% happy with myself since then.

Trying to find a spare few minutes to do anything can be tricky, but Oliver is a little older now and he is beginning to enjoy being in his bouncer playing with the toys and sounds it plays. This gives me some time to do things I need to do – whether exercise or the laundry. So, for the past few weeks now, I have been carving out 10-15 minutes at least to exercise. Mainly ab workouts (crunches, planks etc), they make me feel better about myself and I will gradually add to this every day but it is a starting point for me and I’m happy with that. I have also planned to get outside and walk more with Oliver in his pram to give me a little more exercise and fresh air. Oliver loves being outside so it’s a win-win.

So, this week’s Motivational Monday is all about fitness and starting with what feels right for YOU. Some may laugh and snigger at what I am doing just now, but it’s a starting point and I feel proud of myself – and that is all that matters to me!

Let me know in the comments of your workout routines! 

Much love,

x Natalie


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