Importance of (Mummy) Me Time!

When I first became a mum the idea of leaving Oliver really scared me, I wasn’t ready for a good few months. I remember the first time I ventured outside without him, his gran kindly watched him for about two hours – if that. In that two hours, I crammed in a three course meal and walked around a furniture store as we wanted to look at sofas and dining tables. I think I may actually have ran home…Scott following behind me at a normal pace. But Oliver is now coming up for 14 months and I have grown to realise and appreciate, that having me time is so important – for ALL of us. For a while, I forgot that I was a 24 year old woman who had her own hobbies and interests and needed to have some relaxing time. As Oliver has gotten older, I have managed to get out there and get my hair and nails done, and visit family and friends.

Oliver has been in a routine for months and months now, which allows for more time during the evenings and he has a two hour nap during the day, usually between 12-2pm. So, this gives me some time to relax and have my lunch without little hands stealing food off my plate, and time in the evenings to spend with Scott or do things just for me.

And FYI enjoying me time is not selfish – I truly believe it keeps your home (and your head) a happy place. It reminds you that there is so much more to you than just being ‘mum’. You can easily become so bogged down with the mundane things in life like laundry, dishes, hoovering, making meals and sorting work lunches, changing nappies, toddler groups, more nappy changes, teething – you get the idea. When things get on top of us and they just mount up, you will crack under the pressure, it’s a given. We all need some time, whether that be five minutes for a hot cup of coffee (whatever that is!) or a bubble bath and a magazine…with candles and a glass of wine (YES!). So, please don’t feel like you’re a bad mum or a bad person (or any of that other nonsense some may spout) for making some time for yourself. We don’t get it very often, so lap it up!

Here are my Top 5 things to do during my me time …

Bubble Bath! 

Probably my most favourite thing in the entire world. I find a bubble bath super relaxing and I soak in one for about an hour haha!

YouTube videos! 

I really enjoy watching YouTube videos, I love the SacconeJolys, Katieandbaby, Dollybowbow, Sprinkle of Glitter, amongst many others! I love vlogs and tutorials to brush up on my skills (or lack of…).

Netflix and chill!

I am currently watching Vampire Diaries from series one as I’ve never watched it, I only started last night – so LOTS of viewing! And I’m up-to-date on Pretty Little Liars. I watch these in bed whilst Scott is downstairs watching football usually, with a cuppa!

Reading a book/Magazines ve getting into a good book or flicking through a magazine. I’m looking for ideas for ‘easy-reads’ – so please send any recommendations my way!

Pamper Time!

I love doing this myself or going to the salon! Recently I had a well-needed cut and blow dry and got my nails done. It was seriously fabby! I felt like a new woman walking outplace!

What do you chose to do in your Me Time?  Please leave a comment below! 

With love, Natalie xo




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