What’s In My Bag?

Bag1I love these kind of posts, I think it’s because you get a little snippet of someone’s personality and especially with vlogs; the faces they make when they come across something food related that’s been hiding in there for weeks (YUK!). My last handbag was stolen along with my purse and everything inside – not cool. So I got a new handbag but it it still full of crap and I’ve actually only used it less than a handful of times!

bag2 bag3 bag4 bag5 bag6


Firstly, the bag is the Azabu tote in antique tan by Paul Costelloe, I really really like their bags. I had my eye on a black backpack sort of style but I opted for this gorgeous tan one instead, as I would use this so much more as I prefer to wear a bag on my arm. It is so big and spacey inside, I love how it has three separate big compartments. There are two zipped compartments on either side, which are just single pockets and the main compartment has two 2 small pockets on one side and a small zipped pocket on the other. Because the bag is so big, I use this to store some baby bits instead of taking 100 bags out with me! So, let’s take a peek inside…



Little O recently broke and shattered my iPhone *cry*, so I am using an old Nokia Lumia. I have a leather case on it which I got from eBay which holds a few cards that I need to take out with me. As I still haven’t got a purse since it was stolen, I should probably get one soon as trying to find loose change in my bag is becoming rather annoying. Can’t say I have used the earphones recently, but nice just to have. I’m taking blog pictures on my mobile and the quality is so poor, I really need my iPhone fixed!


Pretty self-explanatory!

ATM&Other Receipts

Obviously not going to show these for the ol’ security reasons, but there was about 5 million of them – totally unnecessary. Tut Tut!!

Make-up Bag

I got this make-up bag with a gift set at Christmas and although it’s bright orange, it’s a good size and everything fits inside and then some. I do not wear make-up everyday and I do not need to take this bag with me everyday, but I took this through to Glasgow for a family meal to apply some slap. If I have tired/black under eyes, which is everyday more or less, I’ll use my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and the MAC Prep+Prime pen.


Must-have of course for writing things down. I usually write my shopping lists in this little notepad and anything else I need to remember as I usually forget!

Nail Polishes

Two Rimmel nail polishes which are 520 Chic in Chelsea and 500 Caramel Cupcake. I have no idea why these are in here and will be putting them back to where they belong.  I love these colours so much! I love my nudes, I do. *cheeky grin*


I have the 100ML TRESemme Salon Hold Freeze Hold to keep those pesky flyaway’s at bay.


These are for little O surprise, surprise. Obviously two of the top essentials for baby outings, no matter if it is nipping to the shops for five minutes – you never know when an explosive situation will arise – if you catch my drift. They are both from the Asda Little Angel’s range and I love them. We have been using these since O was born really, we tried Pampers but these are fab and I wouldn’t go back to Pampers now. I also like Lidl and Aldi nappies – they are amazing for the price. I just pick up a pack wherever I do my shopping or whatever shop is closest to me, for the past couple of months we’ve been using Asda.

Loose Change

I mean, really?!


Now these are another essential if you have little people. It’s always handy having little snacks in your bag. These are the Asda little angels apple flavoured organic rice cakes. Oliver doesn’t really snack that much but we were out yesterday and we would be home a little later for dinner so I packed these. O loves his water and it’s all he drinks besides milk in the morning and bed time; I always carry his cup with me (which he is using so isn’t in the picture!).


I love this little cardi I got for O, it’s from H&M and has a blue and white stripes with grey bands at the collar and wrists with grey elbow pad type things. I bought this before O was born but the quality is great, it wasn’t expensive and it’s great for warm sunny days, to pull on whenever it gets a little cooler.

And that is everything I have in my bag! Unfortunately there was nothing growing inside it or anything as I haven’t used it very often as yet. No doubt it will accumulate more rubbish over the next few weeks. I am going to go buy a purse to house my loose change because it is just getting ridiculous now, as you can clearly see!

Please leave a comment with a link to your what’s in your bag posts/videos!  

With love,

Natalie xo


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