A Day In The Life!

I thought I would do a day in the life post as I like reading other people’s, whether they have went on an amazing day trip or just pottered about the house. Today little O and I have a few errands to run and I have a lot of housework to do! I haven’t been well this week so feeling super sorry for myself but it’s time to crack-on and get things done.


6.45am Alarm!

I have set my alarm for 6.45am this past week, Scott usually leaves around now for work and I get up out of bed. Usually I have a quick shower and get dressed before O wakes up but not today. Millie gave me kitty cuddles in bed. Oops.

7am O Wakes&Milk

I could hear O jumping in his cot so I went through, kissed his smiley squishy face and took him downstairs and put on some Peppa Pig. It’s his absolute favourite and he would watch it all day if I let him. He even giggles away at it and claps if they clap. So cute! O also has a 7/8oz bottle around now and a nappy change of course.

7.30am Give Me Coffee!

I have my first cup of coffee of the day and have my breakfast, today I had weetabix with hot milk.

7.30-8.30am Play Time!

We played with an empty milk carton and the lid. Sounds exciting right? Well it actually is! O loves it, I found the idea on Pinterest and it gives him endless amounts of fun. It’s good for motor skills as they pop the lid through the top, watch it fall to the bottom, take it out and repeat. He also likes to give it a shake and create lots of noise.

8.30-9am O’s Breakfast

Oliver has his breakfast around now, today he had muesli with natural yoghurt, a clementine and water.

9am-11am Tidy Up

I emptied and loaded the dishwasher and washing machine; wiped down the surfaces, hob and splash backs, cupboard doors; cleaned Millie’s litter tray; hoovered and mopped the floor.  Tidied toys away in the living room (twice!); hoovered; wiped the dining table and TV stand; folded, sorted and put the laundry away (still have the ironing left to do boo!); hoovered the hall and downstairs loo.

11am Little O’s Lunch

 As he naps between 12-2pm he has his lunch between 11-12pm. Today he had a boiled egg and toast, a mango Ella’s Kitchen yoghurt and 2 banana Organix Baby Biscuits. He didn’t eat much of his lunch today at all, I think he might be catching my cold.

11.50pm Nap Time

Oliver started rubbing his eyes a bit earlier today, so I put him into his cot with his teddies he snuggles into. A D O R A B L E!

12-1pm My Lunch&Blogging

Last night we made home-made pizzas which were delish! So I had one little square leftover so I had that cold as was starving ha. I just put on a tiny bit of cheese, tomatoes, peppers and spinach. I made a Costa latte in my Bosch coffee maker, which the other half kindly bought me for mother’s day, as he heard me taking about it plus, I luuuurv my coffee. I also had a little bowl of grapes. I updated this post and finished the ‘What’s In My Bag?’ post and took some pictures for that. Also lusted after homes in the sun ugh, it’s actually JUST this minute started to rain. Damn you British weather!

1-1.30pm Tidy Up&Shower

 I emptied the dishwasher and washing machine; cleaned the en-suite bathroom and the downstairs loo. Quickly tidied our bedroom and wiped down the surfaces and took our glasses downstairs (we usually take a glass of water to bed). I jumped in for a shower and got ready.

2.15pm Shops

I woke Oliver just after 2pm and we headed to Asda for a mini food shop, I think I was in there for about an hour, didn’t mean to be we were just having a nosey!

3pm-4pm Play&O’s Dinner Time

We read some books after putting the shopping away and had a little play. Then O had his dinner around 3.45-4pm as he seemed quite hungry. He had half a pitta with tomato pizza base, courgettes and yellow peppers, some sausages, a kiwi and some grapes and water.

4pm-5pm Our Dinner

I made our dinner which was chicken breasts, stuffed mushrooms, stir fry veg and baby potatoes. I made them as O was happy playing away to himself where I could see him. I ate mines alone as S was working a little later today.

5-6pm Bath Time

O gets bathed every second night unless he obviously needs washed if we’ve been painting or whatever. He also had a little play in his bedroom after his bath, whilst I got his PJs etc. O stays in the bath until he pulls the plug ha!, usually 15 minutes these days.

6pm-7pm Milk Time

This is O’s second and last bottle of the day. S came home and has his dinner.

7pm Bed Time

O goes to bed at 7pm and this is a routine that he put himself into! He would be in bed for 9pm until he was maybe 7/8 months old maybe younger? Then he started going to bed half an hour earlier until 7pm, this was in a matter of weeks! We were very lucky and we just let O decide and went with him, which suited us as I wasn’t working and we couldn’t really complain as he slept 12/13hrs once he went to bed! You can’t have everything after all!

7-8pm Tidy Up&Chill Out 

I put all the dishes into the dishwasher and turned it on for the night. I gave the surfaces a wipe down and put toys away in the living room. Sat on the couch for a while and looked at my social media and emails. Caught up with S about his day.

8-10pm DEXTER!!

We are loving Dexter right now, it is amazing, definitely recommend! We watch this in bed and watched 2 episodes.

And that was my very exciting day! I would vlog but don’t have the guts as yet. So let me know if this type of post is too long/boring or if you enjoy them 🙂 Please comment with a link to your day in the life vlogs/posts, I’d love to read them!

With love,

Natalie xo


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