Motivational Monday – Just Say Yes!

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I turned 25 yesterday, I am now a 25 year old adult – is this where it ends? It made me think about my life and where I am right now and what I’ve done so far. I couldn’t help but wonder how different things would be if I’d have said yes to more things. Even if somebody asked me to go for lunch and I said no, would we have been good friends now? Would we have went on a round the world trip together? Maybe not, but you catch my drift.

I’ve found it difficult to say yes to things, especially if it involves new places or people. I overthink absolutely everything and automatically think the worst will happen. But what is the worst thing that can happen about going to lunch…they don’t have the soup that I like? I get a bit of food stuck in my teeth and we laugh about it? It sounds ridiculous but it is something I struggle with and have done for a few years.Β I have decided that I don’t want to look back on my life and wonder ‘what if?’.

TheΒ week running up to my birthday I began to think about saying yes to more things and it started on Wednesday last week, I took the plunge and went on a play date with little O! We went to the park about 5 minutes down the road from our house so we walked there as it was a lovely morning. I knew maybe 3 or 4 mums and their kids room from O’s toddler group, but there were people there that I didn’t know and when I saw them, I began to get nervous and sweaty and yuk! But I pushed through literally, the gate to the park is so heavy, and I took a deep breathe and basically – I survived it. It was a great morning, O had a fantastic time, as did I. We have actually arranged more play dates because of it and I feel like I get to know the mum’s better as do they with us. I know this might be crazy to some people, that a play date is a huge thing for me, but it really is and I’m proud of myself for going, even if I did feel really nervous. Nothing ‘bad’ happened, O was on his best behaviour, he interacted with the kids and that’s all it’s about really isn’t it?

I recently contacted an old friend who I haven’t seen in over 2 years and she took the plunge, left her jobs and travelled. She became ill which spurred the travelling and just having fun in life, as life is far too short and when you do get seriously ill, you realise the most important thing in life is happiness. And that’s what she is now, she is happy. She said yes to leaving everything she knew and dive into the unknown and I’m so jealous and proud of that. It’s hard coming out of your comfort zone but I think it does the world of good. Saying yes to things really can lead to a fulfilling life, travelling, volunteering, meeting new people, me time, venturing out of your comfort zone. It can be scary, it can be awkward, but I promise you that you will feel so much better for it.

So I guess saying yes to things can lead to so many exciting things, where could things lead to for you? I’m on a mission to say yes to as many things as possible and I hope you do too! It’s time to put yourself out there! πŸ˜‰Β 

With love,

Natalie xo


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