Family Farm Day Out!

Last weekend we woke to a beautiful morning, no rain YAY! So we thought we would take Oliver to the farm and spend some time outdoors as a family. I love spending time together out and about, I love seeing O and Scott holding hands and having fun together. It really fills my heart with so much love! Gorgie City Farm had been on my list of places to go for a while now, but we never got the chance, plus I don’t think O would have taken much notice of the animals before now anyway. I had heard good things about it from other parents so we were really excited to go. What I didn’t realise was, it is entry by donation! They suggest a £1 donation per person and they have donation boxes dotted about the site. So, technically it is free entry, as there is nobody taking payments, but I urge you to pay a donation if you go. It is a charity-run operation and it thrives upon donations. There was a sign which stated it cost £900 per day to run the farm – so £1 isn’t asking a lot really. You can find them on facebook or their website.

The farm has the usual – sheep, cows, pigs, chickens,  and goats. All the animals are super friendly and love a pet. You can purchase some food to feed them if you wish, unfortunately there wasn’t any left in the machines as it was quite a busy morning, plus we didn’t realise until we were just leaving. Towards the back there is a Pet Lodge, which houses some rabbits, bearded dragons, tortoises, birds, chinchillas and very big snails! They also have some vegetable patches where they grow food to feed the animals onsite. The small play park for the kids is great for them to run around after seeing all the animals, and have lunch in the cafe. You could purchase some fresh fruit, veg and meat from the little stall onsite; they had things like rhubarb, green beans, sausages amongst other things. Unfortunately the eggs had sold out, I think it’s a case of the early bird catches the worm! Fresh eggs taste SO much better than shop-bought! They also offer kids parties and pet boarding services. You can also volunteer at the farm, they seem to be looking for spare hands every now and again.

We had such a fun day out together and I can’t wait to do more family day trips when Scott is off work next week, we (meaning me haha!) has a few ideas of places to go. If you are in Edinburgh and looking for something to do with the kids, I would definitely recommend Gorgie Farm. Of course there is not loads of different animals but it is so so cheap and being a charity, it really needs more visitors. The kids seem to really enjoy it and that’s all that matters.

Here’s our day out in pictures…

Farm1 Farm2 Farm3 Farm5 Farm6 Farm7 Farm8 Farm9 Farm10 farm11 farm12 farm13 farm14 farm15 farm16 farm17

Tractor1 Tractor2

If you are in or near Edinburgh and have some recommendations on where to take the kids please let me know in the comments!

With love,

Natalie xo




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