Reflecting by the Beach…

Being at the beach, the waves crashing in the distance, it just sort of calms you don’t you think? We are so lucky to have the beach so close to our home, even when the Scottish weather isn’t so great (usually, quite often) it is still so peaceful and I find myself reflecting. My baby is 15 months old now, where has that time gone?! Honestly, it flies past you like a blink of an eye, I have come to realise that every single minute counts. When you are pregnant people tell you how they don’t stay babies for very long – it is irritating hearing it over and over and over – but they are right. Having Oliver, has opened my eyes and I’ve learnt that life is such a precious thing, that I used to take for granted. We need to enjoy every minute – for ourselves and our children.

Everything sort of falls into place once you’ve been to the beach, for me anyway.  I find being there so relaxing and clears my mind of any negativity, upset and worry. I made a list of personal goals and decided to start writing ‘monthly goals’ on my blog. More on those later.


I have learnt the small things are the big things in life. Being at the play park with Oliver in the swing, laughing and having fun, what more is there to life? I have spent many years always searching for something else, nothing was ever enough. That statement makes me sounds so ungrateful and self-centred but it’s not how it sounds. I used to be very unhappy in myself, so I never truly appreciated the positives in life, so I’d always look for something else as I just couldn’t see how important and amazing things were at the time. I was in a very dark place for a while, but I feel like I am rid of that now. I can now breathe. There is something quite comforting actually, knowing you’ve once been at rock bottom, that anything in future can’t ever be as bad.


Everybody faces problems in their life, it’s all part of the journey after all. But it’s how we deal with things that shape our future. We can allow for things to keep dragging us down, or we can choose to get on with things. Now, it’s not as easy as it sounds, it’s taken me years but it is do-able and that’s the important point. The only person that can help us is our own selves and sometimes that can be really hard to master, myself included.  It’s just something you have to work at and learn to perfect, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Being there made me re-think some things and figure out what truly make me happy and what I enjoy doing and where I want go from here. I feel very inspired and look forward to what life can bring. I am definitely feeling the positive vibes!

Take a breather and you’ll realise what’s important to your self 🙂 make sure you enjoy all the little things, as they really are the big things! Does the beach make you reflect and re-focus? I’d love to hear your stories/advice/happy places/positive vibes, please leave a comment!

With love,

Natalie xo



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