Picnic in Holyrood Park!

This morning the weather wasn’t looking too great but after checking the weather forecast and the day due to become much nicer, I grabbed our things, packed the car and we went for a picnic. Holyrood park is about a 10 minute drive from our house, it’s a lovely huge area with lots of grass to sit, a play park, a little pond, Duddingston loch, it houses the Scottish parliament building, Arthur’s Seat, and the Palace of Holyrood. The park basically sits at the bottom of the Royal Mile, and so attracts a lot of tourists and quite rightly so – it’s so beautiful and the views are amazing and lots to see in the Parliament and Palace. I’m growing to love the Royal Mile more and more, it’s a cobbled street, mainly full of tourist-y shops but there are cafe’s and little independent stores that I need to investigate!

Views over the city.
Palace of Holyrood.

We parked on-site and walked to the little play park, we only stayed for a little while and little O enjoyed the swing – as usual!

(Apologies for the writing - nervous mummy).
(Apologies for the writing over pic – nervous mummy).

We then headed to one large grass area and sat down for our picnic, I recently bought a food flask and this was our first time using it, so we took a vegetarian mixed bean chilli, some fruit, yoghurt and rice cakes. O only drinks water during the day and I had my trusty Contigo with my Tassimo coffee.

Coffee = mum fuel.
Food flask with our vegetarian mixed bean chilli!
Thumbs up from this one!

O just loves being able to roam free and run around letting off steam – which is fine by me! He loves big open spaces like this!

a Little boy on a Big adventure.

Next time, I plan on staying for much longer and having a walk through the park seeing what it has to offer, as we haven’t really done so yet and feed the ducks in the loch. It would also be nice to walk up and down the Royal Mile, I heard there are lovely cafe’s (with lovely cakes) and independent toffee shops. Yum! It is so lovely to get out with O and enjoy just being outside and the fresh air. I feel very blessed that I can do this whenever I want with him and I know that in time this will change and I will be working; so I am making the most of our time together – especially in the sunshine!

Where is your favourite spot for a picnic? I hope you are making the most out of the lovely weather like we are (while it lasts!) 🙂

With love,

Natalie xo


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