A Family Weekend in Photographs

Last weekend was spent wandering Portobello promenade; Princes St Gardens; Vogrie Country Park and Musselburgh Harbour. We just needed outside and to have some family time, there really is nothing better than being outdoors roaming around! O loves walking running just now,  so give him an open space and he’s the happiest little boy – so sweet. We took a picnic and also had some chips whilst sitting on the beach one day too. I appreciate all the little things in life now I have a child, you don’t need to spend money to have a great time; pack a lunch, jump in the car and find a beautiful setting and you’re good to go!

So, here’s our family weekend in photographs, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Picnic lunch on Portobello Promenade :)
Picnic lunch on Portobello Promenade 🙂
O wasn't too sure about the Peppa Pig car!
O wasn’t too sure about the Peppa Pig car at the amusements!



Daddy running after O as usual hehe!

After O’s nap, we took a stroll up the Royal Mile and ended up in Princes Street Gardens; which is a beautiful green area right on Princes Street in the centre of town. O found sticks which he thought was very exciting! And Scott was chasing Pokemon, thinking I didn’t know what he was doing!


The following day, we headed for Vogrie Country Park in Midlothian, this was our first visit and I will definitely be back. There’s a great little play park for all ages, with zip slides and lots of other fun things! It has beautiful walks and big open spaces – really lovely. There is an on-site cafe but we decided to go elsewhere as there was no available seats outside.

14249804_10208182539859809_6683872554041899257_o 14257454_10208182540059814_1381381047969973716_o 14289929_10208182541819858_836742829529695829_o 14305471_10208182541659854_553312278933085545_o14242411_10208182571220593_886890156169842215_o

We then bundled O into the car, thinking he was going to fall asleep within 2 seconds – WRONG – so, we stopped off at Musselburgh harbour on the way home. We had a lovely walk, play and ate some chips with curry sauce! Yum! Whilst O had his pineapple – bad parents! hehe!

14231799_10208182571820608_3859240466020734688_o 14231886_10208182562540376_2361781423459629634_o 14242393_10208182573420648_6277823083093956349_o14289981_10208182538859784_508038581013013365_o

And that’s a wrap! We had such a lovely weekend together and I loved the fact we were outside for pretty much all Saturday and Sunday! Love love love weekends like this! 🙂

Where do you like to go on your (family) day trips? 🙂

Much love,

Natalie xo


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