Toddler Update // 17 Months

“Little boy you remind me how so much depends on days made of now”.

Alison McGhee.

Yesterday Oliver turned 17 months, I know it’s not a milestone as such but I haven’t kept on top of posts like these so now is a better time to start than any! I cannot believe my baby is 17 months old, it breaks my heart. I can remember the day I went into labour as if it were yesterday, I could share the story minute by minute and I will never ever forget holding and seeing O for the first time. I’m definitely going to be an emotional wreck by the end of this post!

Oliver is walking running and has been for months now, which is adorable but has also presented some tricky situations. In the last week or so, there’s been a couple of times where he’s thrown a bit of a tantrum because he needs to get into the stroller or car seat; when he would much rather run about on his own! We have the toddler backpack with reins attached, which we have used and are a brilliant thing but sometimes it’s easier, quicker and ultimately safer to use the stroller. I just make sure that O gets time outdoors to investigate and have an adventure on his own, whether it be walking on the pavement round the block with the backpack or in the garden where he can be totally free and run around. We are in the very early stages of tantrums but I’ve found explaining to O before the situation arises that it does calm him down and he knows he’s getting into the car seat as we are going to the shops or whatever. Whether he knows what on earth mummy is talking about, I don’t know, but it seems to be working – so we’re rollin’ with it.


O is still a quiet little boy, he mumbles as if he is trying to speak and says things like “mumm mm mm” which I have taken as his first word “mum” ha! Some noises he makes you get a tiny insight into what his voice will sound like and it is utterly adorable and just melts my heart. Every child develops so differently, so I am sure we will hear him speak very soon. Also, If I tell him “mummy loves you”, he wraps an arm around me and cuddles me and oh my goodness I’m a blubbering mess! There’s nothing quite like it, I can see him turning into an affectionate, loving and charming little human. And I will be super proud if he does.


We have been attending more and more toddler groups and classes over the months and they are such a good way of getting your child out of their shell and learning to play, interact and share with other children. The past few months have seen him sharing and playing with others more than just looking at them or bumping into them, which was the case when he was a little younger. He absolutely adores cars and lego/building blocks at toddlers and generally running around doing laps! He has a thing with toys or games which requires lots of concentration and determination; which is such a great thing to see, I think he will be quite a smart cookie when he’s older. We also go swimming once a week and he really enjoys it and so do I! He jumps in, dives under the water, splashes you in the face, he has such a good time. We also go to soft play every so often, I have quite a love-hate relationship with them but it’s good for rainy days and letting them run wild! We have also had many play dates with his little toddler group friends which I find is really bringing him out of his shell and we are stumbling on new places and things to do.
13507087_10207614490338926_5136192367916069622_n 13882106_10207821909284270_834118403132450642_n
O is such a good eater and always has been, he will eat just about anything you put in front of him. However, if you try to hide broccoli in his meals, he will find them, and he will throw them onto the cream carpet. I think he gets it off mum and dad, we love our grub in this house! O hasn’t been on bottles for a while now, I took them away as I didn’t want him getting attached to them, he still is offered milk in a cup (although doesn’t drink a lot of it) and has water during the day.


As I am back at university part time, O has been going to a childminder for 3 hours per week. I drop him off and his gran collects him and he is so good at going to her and it’s as if he doesn’t miss me – at all! I am glad that he isn’t inconsolable as I would feel much more guilty leaving him whilst he is upset. So, I don’t think it could go any better really and most of his time is spent at the toddler group we went to (and where we met the CM!), so he gets to keep going there and then once I have finished in November, I can go back to taking him along. Our CM sends us a little daily diary of what he played with, what he ate and drank and just overall how he was that day and includes a couple of pictures. It’s such a great thing to receive and knowing that he had a great time, makes me feel so much better. I also don’t miss anything as the CM includes it all – such a lovely touch!

Oliver at toddlers with the CM!
Oliver at toddlers with the CM!

O’s routine has stayed the same pretty much, he wakes at around 6.30/7pm, naps from 12-2pm and bedtime at 7pm. O has settled himself into this routine and it works well for our family. We bathe him every second night, unless he needs it every night! He loves bath time and playing with his toys and chucking them out the bath!

He is quickly becoming a little boy, seeing him change so much in such a short space of time comes with a mixture of emotions. I love him more than he will ever know and I’m completely in my element with the whole parenting journey and mum role. I would be a complete fraud if I said every day is sunshine and rainbows, of course it’s not. It can be stressful at times, if O has a meltdown, or if we are at home and he is unwell or teething or if he is just simply overtired. I think it’s essential to remember that all parents will go through days like these, it isn’t just you and it’s not because you are a bad mum. Toddlers/children act like children, and you will have to work hard on certain days! But all of this is made so worth while by the cheeky smiles and cuddles! I take nothing for granted and I make sure to enjoy every minute with O and I will treasure them forever.


If you are a parent, what’s your favourite stage so far? Please leave a comment below! 🙂

N xx


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