Thursday Toddler Tantrums

O was in a bit of a mood yesterday morning so I quickly got him into his stroller and headed off to the baby clinic, with a stop at the library on route. O is such a content little boy most of the time and he loves sitting in his stroller if we are walking especially outside or if there’s something that really takes his interest.

It takes us about 15 minutes to walk down to our local library and he was so well behaved as he is such a nosey little thing! He loves seeing buses pass by or the “big diggers” at the building site.

He was so good playing away with the toys in the library, whilst I hunted for some books to read him at bedtime. Of course, he took me on a tour of the library before he played with the toys, but I’m cool with that. I like him getting a run about wherever we are, if it’s possible, to let off some steam and do his investigating. We chose some books and he got back into his stroller and we made our way to the surgery. I was fist pumping the air by this point thinking yes, he’s out his mood and the morning is going so well.


The baby clinic can become busy quickly, so we were 4th in the queue and I thought, oh dear here we go. Well, O found a tiny toy that got hurled across the waiting room countless times and he took the plastic sink out of the play kitchen and threw it on the floor, many, many times. O enjoys things that spin and roll, so he knew that if he turned the sink upset down that it would make a big noise and wobble side to side – pretty clever actually and I’m quite proud of him! However, in a doctor’s surgery where people aren’t very well and probably don’t want to hear a crashing plastic tub sink roll about the floor and GP’s needing silence to hear what their patients are actually saying, I thought – let’s remove this item from O’s grip! Bad move Mumma.

He threw a bit of a tantrum and my immediate thought process was – eyes are on me, they don’t think I can ‘control’ my child and I am so, so embarrassed. After an eternity (not quite) we were making our way home, when I came to the realisation that this is going to happen, a lot. O is a toddler, toddler have tantrums, and I’m just going to have to deal with that and so will everybody else around me.

I have decided that I do not have the time or the mental capacity for people who don’t matter to me – complete strangers who I will probably never come across again. And what they think, doesn’t make any difference to me, my son or the situation. I also shouldn’t feel embarrassed because every child does it, every parent has to deal with it and it’s just a part of being a mum. Nothing at all to be embarrassed about.

Next time it happens, which it will, I am going to pretend that it’s only O and I there in that moment, and everybody around us will become invisible. In that situation, I don’t owe anything to anyone around me, I owe the situation my full attention and that’s what it will get. Tantrums are a new thing to me and fortunately they aren’t too often for us (yet!) so it’s all a learning curve.

We need to remember that every toddler will throw tantrums, we are all in the same boat and don’t pass any judgement – you never know what situation you will find yourself in with your own children tomorrow!

“People who matter don’t mind, and people who mind don’t matter” – I love this quote, it’s so true and will be good to keep in mind next time we come across a tricky situation with our babies.



As a parent, how do you feel when your children throw a tantrum? Leave a comment below!

Until next time,

Natalie x


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