A Stroll Along The Promenade

porto porto2

After checking the weather forecast we got ourselves wrapped up and headed to Portobello promenade. If you’ve read my previous posts you will know how much I love it here, it puts everything into perspective for me and I can really relax and let go here.


The beach is stunning and is always mobbed with dog walkers, families and like today, a foreign (I want to say French) group tour. It is bustling all day every day, especially after 3pm when the schools are out and there are kids everywhere! Luckily there are two parks on the Promenade to keep everyone entertained. 

We sat on a bench beside the yacht club and O enjoyed some of my homemade minestrone soup. Of course, the soup went all over his jacket, hat, snood, gloves, face but he really enjoyed it. We picked up a KFC on our way home whilst O had his nap – naughty, lazy parents.

porto7 porto8

I am so thankful to have this beautiful beach on our doorstep and after a difficult few weeks, I really needed it. I feel refreshed, ready for a productive afternoon tidying up and organising the house for the week ahead. It’s raining in Edinburgh just now, but I hope to get out for another walk or park visit later this afternoon.

I’m feeling good, my mood has lifted, all thanks to a couple of hours with my family soaking up the amazing views. I have decided I need at least a weekly dose of this place come rain or shine. I feel like I could watch the crashing waves forever…

What have you guys been doing this lovely Sunday? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Natalie x


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