‘Colouring Edinburgh’ Launch Party!


Friday evening we were invited along to celebrate the launch of my extremely talented friend Helen’s new book, ‘Colouring Edinburgh’. It was a tea party with the most delicious cakes, held in the beautiful St.Columba’s Free Church, which sits just off the Royal Mile. The stunning architecture and relaxed ambience, was the perfect back drop for such an event.


We arrived just after 6pm and it didn’t take long before O was doing laps of the church. Thankfully there were other kids there too – he wasn’t the only excitable one! He lasted extremely well, possibly due to giving him a Helen.C.Stark-branded-biscuit from the cake stand…after I nibbled away at the icing, of course. Luckily the sugar rush didn’t keep him awake all night.

Freight Books, Helen’s publisher, gave a lovely speech about the book and how they just had to work with her – she’s really talented, that’s why! We were shown a fascinating video of Helen’s journey to ‘Colouring Edinburgh’, from visiting Edinburgh in 2003 forming a real love and passion for the city, which led to her moving here in 2005. Coupled with her love of drawing since early childhood; put the two together and voila!


The book is absolutely stunning, it truly is. The amount of workmanship involved is impressive, I love how the book is divided into seasons and includes blank pages at the end of each, to showcase your inner artist – of which I am most definitely not! But, as an Edinburgh-newbie, I plan to save those pages to tick off different places I’ve explored around the city based on the illustrations. Adding to my Edinburgh Must See List, which I am slowly but surely working through. I plan to take my Colouring Edinburgh book along for the ride and colour the individual buildings and places, whilst I see it in the flesh for myself.


It was such a lovely evening and celebrating a friend’s achievement made it all very special. I would definitely recommend the book and I know that a few family members will be receiving a copy for Christmas presents this year. I also ran to Waterstones on Saturday morning to grab a copy to add to my mum’s birthday gift! It went down a treat.

Selfies with the Author!!

Helen has her own website where you can purchase the book and other products, including postcards or enquiries about commissions. Or pop into your local Waterstones book shop! Her instagram feed is a dream, showing little snippets of her sketchbook and inspiration behind her work.

Here’s a few more pictures from the evening…

Sneak peak of the sketchbook!






Having my copy signed!

Well done Helen; We wish you every success with Colouring Edinburgh and wherever it may take you! P.S. Please remember us all when you become super famous!!

Natalie x










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