Mum Guilt

There is nothing worse as a parent, than the mum (or dad) guilt! I have university deadlines fast approaching and I’m under a lot of stress – which I don’t deal with very well, as you may already know. I feel like everything I do, mum guilt isn’t too far away from making me feel even worse about myself.

This morning I printed off an essay I’ve been working on recently and it took me about 10 minuted to read through it and scribble down some notes and changes to make. I felt awful leaving O to play with his toys and watch some TV to be able to give my full attention to my work. Which is completely ridiculous, as I’m doing it for my son and family, yet I feel so unbelievably guilty. I’m also conscious of the amount of housework I do whilst O is awake. As a result, I try and get every task done during his nap and bed time, which proves impossible.

As parents, especially the other mum’s I’ve met, we all feel the exact same. We struggle with daily life and everything that entails, whilst trying to do the ultimate for our kids. We all experience the overwhelming sense of guilty, sometimes daily, over doing menial tasks like housework and running errands. I finish university in a couple of weeks and currently looking to start my career, and that brings a mixture of emotions adding to my worries.

Before I became a parent, I didn’t feel guilt anywhere near as much – after all, I didn’t have a little person to shape and care for. I want to do the best I can for my son, all I want is for him to have happy and positive childhood memories. With that comes so much pressure, which I put on myself more than anyone else does.

What’s comforting to know is that I’m we’re not alone, we all try to do the best for our kids. What’s best for my son and family, might not be the best for yours – and that’s okay. I need to stop letting the mum guilt affect me so much, and realise I’m doing the best I can.

We are all on this crazy parenting journey together, making it up one day at a time!

Do you experience mum guilt?

Natalie x

5th coffee of the day – no judging!



2 thoughts on “Mum Guilt”

  1. I agree with you / mum guilt is a big thing. Went back to work when my lo was 8.5 months- he went to nursery and I went back to work for 4 days. I try and cram fun activities into my day off but doesn’t always end up like that as there is always housework that needs doing 😬


    1. It’s so hard isn’t it? Whatever we do, we can’t win. I don’t work (at the mo) so at the end of my day I have about 500 questions I ask myself i.e. Did O learn something new today? Did we read enough stories? Did he have enough outdoor time? Think we are too hard on ourselves mama! 🙂 x

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