Never Stop Exploring – Gratitude List #2

Exploring/loving Aberfeldy!
Exploring/loving Aberfeldy.

This past week has been really wonderful, we spent two nights in a lovely cottage just S and I – thank you to gran for baby sitting! We both returned relaxed and refreshed. We needed some time together as a couple – we don’t get to very often. Of course I missed my baby like mad! But it’s good to take some time to recharge your batteries.

Here’s my gratitude list for this week, albeit a little early. I am so far behind my Christmas wrapping and generally just getting prepared for the big day! Here’s my top 10 this week –

  1. Having the opportunity to visit Aberfeldy with S for 2 nights to just relax and refuel. Especially, just before Christmas.
  2. Our beautiful home and having a roof over our head during the cold months.
  3. Crafts and seeing Santa at O’s toddler party.
  4. Overtime has stopped for S – SO happy!
  5. Lovely visit from friends – and their home baked cookies. Yum!
  6. For the glorious Iain Burnett chocolate we stopped off for on our journey home.
  7. Church/Toddler meal out – loved the banter and didn’t get home until 11.30! Hard core.
  8. Having friends who don’t lie about their children and tantrums/mood swing etc – the real life stuff!
  9. My other half treating me to drinks and dining out on our trip!
  10. And last but by no means least – mince pies! I forgot how much I love them. Do not eat all 6, do not eat all 6….

What are you grateful for this week?

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Natalie x


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