Cottage Stay and Exploring Aberfeldy.

Last week we enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing stay at Moness Resort in Aberfeldy, Perthshire. We stayed in a lovely cottage for 2 nights and had a well deserved break. The hubby has been working overtime, which meant very little time spent as a couple – more of a hello, goodbye sort of deal! So, was lovely to spend some time together. Oliver stayed at home with his Gran and they had an absolute ball together (thanks gran for babysitting!).

We made our way to the “Wagtail” cottage, dumped our things and headed to the Terrace Bar for some food and drinks. We decided to stay in the cottage and enjoy some wine, watch some TV and relax for the rest of the evening. Which was total bliss! It was pitch black outside, so exploring was off the cards – we didn’t even realise we looked out onto a cute little duck pond until the following morning.

We cooked a mini fry up that morning and got ready for the day. I had seen such beautiful photographs of the Birks o’ Aberfeldy and wanted to see it for myself. Stunning landscapes make you realise how little your world is, compared to the world as a whole; and everything slots into perspective. I came away from our walk relaxed and feeling like I let go of a lot of built up stress and anxiety. And we stopped off for an obligatory pint at the local pub the Schiehallion.

On our last day we checked out at 10am and on the drive home we stopped off at The Highland Chocolatier and bought some chocolate gingers for gran and a bar of salted caramel chocolate for us! Yum! We also stopped off at the Scottish Crannog Centre, there was work being carried out when we arrived so we didn’t go into the centre itself but took some photographs anyway.

It was so relaxing and we’d definitely visit Aberfeldy/Perthshire again to soak up the breathtaking views. I will leave you with a (more than) few pictures of our trip!

aberfeldy42 aberfeldy43 aberfeldy44


aberfeldy33 aberfeldy45

aberfeldy1 aberfeldy2 aberfeldy3 aberfeldy4 aberfeldy8 aberfeldy9 aberfeldy10 aberfeldy11 aberfeldy12 aberfeldy13 aberfeldy14 aberfeldy15 aberfeldy16 aberfeldy17 aberfeldy18 aberfeldy19 aberfeldy20 aberfeldy21 aberfeldy22 aberfeldy23 aberfeldy24 aberfeldy25 aberfeldy26 aberfeldy27 aberfeldy28 aberfeldy29 aberfeldy30 aberfeldy34 aberfeldy35 aberfeldy36 aberfeldy37 aberfeldy38 aberfeldy39 aberfeldy40 aberfeldy41

aberfeldy6 aberfeldy7 aberfeldy1

We loved our time away and are definitely going to try fit in more trips in future! You forget just how picturesque Scotland is. It really is beautiful.

What would be your must-see destinations & attractions in Scotland? Please leave a comment below!

Natalie x


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