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When Mum&Toddler Gets Sick

For the past week I have been suffering with the cold/flu/whatever this horribly testing experience is. I’d like to say I’ve been suffering in silence, however, that would be telling a lie. Although, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it that much…

We’ve had a pretty bad week with illnesses in our house; most importantly O had a minor case of bronchiolitis which thankfully cleared pretty quickly. I used every method known to man, maybe one of those many things worked or his immune system is stronger now to fight infections; I guess we’ll never really know.

Of course my number one priority is my son and his health, so I get up every day and my undivided attention is on him for those 12 hours. It can be exhausting when you’re under the weather, whilst caring for an unwell toddler. Yes we can spend most of our day at home, but as mum, you are constantly seeing to your children and constantly on the move. I am in no way complaining, I love being a stay at home mum. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do so and I honestly love every minute, even the hard ones. But in that moment, it is tough.

O has had lots of sleepless nights; I’ve had sleepless nights when O’s managed to sleep soundly, as I’m worrying incase his breathing is out of control; I’m worrying he’s going to wake up and I might not hear him; I’m worrying about worrying.

O&I have enjoyed lots of close time this week which is a huge positive. We’ve read loads of books, sang lots of songs, we’ve had lots of cuddles and he’s generally been very clingy; which has been lovely. If you have a toddler you know they rarely sit still for more than five minutes! I’m looking forward to the start of a new week. I’m so unbelievably tired but I hope we sleep well tonight and enjoy lots of outdoor time. Although O was up last night, I have my fingers crossed that we are both starting to feel better; O certainly looks like it which is great!

I’ve found this week extremely testing physically and emotionally, the house has taken a back seat and it’s beginning to grate. I find myself becoming irritable so I am pushing my sore head and sickness to the side and going to do some housework. I’ve had a lazy day and it’s time to restore some order! Here’s to a better week filled with productivity and positivity. We are done with being sick!


How do you get through sick days?

N xx


2 thoughts on “When Mum&Toddler Gets Sick”

  1. I agree with all you’ve said- currently in the same boat. This lurgy is just taking forever to shift plus my lo is teething also!
    I did get a Calpol vapour plug in but it has a bright blue night light which I’m sure kept him awake!
    Hope you both get better soon x


    1. My lo is funny with lights at bed time too. Hope your lo gets some relief soon! We go through waves of teething pain, I’m using the powders atm. I think O just likes the feeling/taste of it – rather than it actually working. But we’ll do anything! Hope you feel better soon too x

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