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LittleLife Toddler Daysack | Review


Before Oliver was born, I didn’t like the idea of reins at all. I remember commenting on them when we were purchasing baby items and saying “why wouldn’t you just hold the child’s hand to keep them safe?” Well, I have a toddler and now know the answer to that silly question!

We purchased the LittleLife backpack with reins in the adorable ladybird design. It’s the perfect size for my toddler (21 months) with detachable reins, adjustable chest strap and grab handle; for easy carrying or providing extra support – we used the handle when O was first starting to walk and a little unsteady on his feet. And costs £22.99.


There’s not a huge amount of room inside the bag, however I don’t use it for that purpose as I feel O is too small to be lugging things around; and I always have his change bag with me anyway. But you could easily fit a cup and snack in there if you wanted.

For us, reins are ideal. They allow O, an extremely independent toddler, to walk safely without holding my hand at all times. He’s such a little boy, so loves nothing more than collecting sticks and stones as we walk and getting covered head-to-toe in mud; so he likes both hands to be free. Reins give me that extra security knowing he’s safe and can’t get too far away from me.


These have been an absolute life saver for me. I dog walk everyday and with O being so independent, he likes to be walking rather than in his pram. Reins make it much safer and easier to be able to keep both safely by my side. I said I’d never use them but I couldn’t do without them now; the added security and peace of mind – I’m sold a million times over.

N xxx

Disclaimer: *This is not a paid for/sponsored post.


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