Living Room Toy Storage

Our living room is the main hub for playing with toys, so we needed storage to house them. At that point, Oliver didn’t have many toys, we kept things to a minimum as he was a tiny baby and we felt he didn’t need a lot at that stage. Since then, he’s celebrated a birthday and Christmas’. So as you can imagine, there’s a lot more toys in the house these days. However, we still have a minimal amount; I try to put people off buying him toys as I don’t want to accumulate a whole lot of ‘stuff’. Mainly because Oliver seems to stick to the same toys and the others don’t get any attention – even after toy rotation! Plus, I want him to actually play with each toy he has, rather than them getting lost in a huge pile.


For now, I have taken an Ikea Kallax unit which was originally in O’s bedroom and added baskets and boxes to house his smaller toys. The Kallax comes in different sizes and colours, we have the four cube in white. *This unit should be fixed onto a wall for safety reasons – this is not where ours usually sits!*


In this Byholma basket we have some of Oliver’s smaller toys he plays with daily, smaller lego-type swing set, stacking cups etc.


We store mega bloks in here and these are also played with daily! I couldn’t find this colour basket on the website, but it is the same as the Byholma.


We keep some books from O’s collection in here and rotate every so often. He has quite a lot so I’m planning to make a reading corner in his bedroom (more on that later). This basket was given to us as part of a hamper gift.


In this Samla box (purchase lid separately) we keep jigsaws and puzzles. I rotate these every so often and as O got two new puzzles for Christmas, these are in this clear box and the older ones are now in his bedroom.

I also bought this huge laundry-style bag from B&M last year. I don’t think they have this particular one for sale anymore but they did have similar styles when I last looked. These are great for larger toys and you can fit a fair few things in here – they are huge! We have larger trucks and tractors, balls and other random bits in here.

Oliver uses his cars every day, he absolutely loves them! So, I find it easier to leave his garage lying out. He plays with these from morning to night and it’s what works best. It doesn’t get in the way and as it’s the only toy left out, it doesn’t make the room look cluttered.


I hope you found this post useful! I will be writing more posts about how we organise our home over the coming weeks. I enjoy organising, de-cluttering and sorting, so I regularly change our set up, but for now this is what we have in our living area. We do also have a cupboard in our living room too which is O’s but doesn’t house toys as such – but I will cover that in another post!


If you have any organisation tips, please leave a comment below! 

N xxx



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