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Seeing the World through a Child’s Eyes

There is something quite invigorating when you slow down to view the world from a child’s perspective. I am a mother to a 1.5 year old crazily beautiful toddler, who keeps me on my toes and opens my eyes and my heart every single day.

As someone who battles anxiety, my world can be tainted by stress, over-thinking and sometimes sadness. Heck, life for us all can become heavy; it’s easy to forget the beauty in life’s little treasures.

This blog post came about after I suddenly realised that my son finds everything so innocent and intriguing. And how different my world could be, if I viewed life as if I were a child myself. Oliver points out birds, planes, trucks and “busy yellow diggers” daily and yet, they never stop amazing him. We took a walk through the woods and my son collected twigs and stones for one whole hour; every twig and stone was a triumph and deserved an ‘ooh’, ‘ahh’ and ‘wow’ of its’ very own.

Within the last few weeks O has become interested in our cat Millie, he speaks screams (lovingly!) at her, cuddles and kisses her and every dog we meet, he has to stop and give them his full attention.

His confidence to make friends with children he only met two minutes ago, and bond like they’ve been friends forever, completely melts my heart.

The fact that an empty cardboard box and pots and pans can gift endless amount of entertainment.

The way he roars with laughter when I flick his rubber duck into the bath, over and over again. How he smiles, is so content and finds joy every single day.

Becoming a parent has opened my eyes to what truly matters in life, for myself and my family. It has taught me to slow down and live in the moment, instead of becoming bogged down with things that are quite simply – out of my control.

Spending time with loved ones has become more important to me, as time can be pulled from under us without notice.

Beauty can be found in the ugliest parts of our lives, you just have to look for it. It has taught to me to stop dragging the past alongside me; I must let go, in order to move forward.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child gives you a total sense of freedom and a new lease of life. It is teaching me to rid myself of anxiety, to stop over-thinking every minuscule detail and enjoy life.

Thanks little man for making life so much brighter.

N xx


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