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5 Tips For Staying Positive!

This post is a little hypocritical but I feel like it will benefit me (and you I hope!) for those down days, when you need a little pick-me-up. Over the past little while I have tried my best to keep positive and look for the good things in life and difficult situations that come my way. Sometimes you just need to pause, to appreciate all the wonderful things you have around you; whether that be a roof over your head or family and friends.  Positivity is a new concept for me, which I am still trying to grasp and fully embrace, but I am ready for the journey ahead. After all, we aren’t on this planet for long, so we may as well enjoy the short ride. 🙂

So, here are my 5 Tips For Staying Positive!

  1. Take 5! I think it is so important in this crazy-fast-paced-world to take a little breather and reflect on life. I like to think of 5 things I am thankful for either that day or in general. I usually have much more than 5 and it makes me so happy inside knowing how lucky I am. You could even write these down if you prefer if you keep a diary or why not start!
  2. De-stress! This ties in with the previous and is super important to me. Stress can build up in our lives and become a huge pressure and it’s nice to do things that you enjoy to de-stress. I love walking along Portobello Promenade and just take in the views and switch-off. Or actually just being outdoors in general – I am actually going to do this more often. It is even more enjoyable with the nicer weather as summer is here YIPEE! Find something you love doing and roll with it!

    Beach Walks!
    This view…
  3. Good Company! Surround yourself with things and those you enjoy. I love being around my family and going out for the day or having family days at home. I also love taking Oliver to the park and seeing him laugh and crawl/walk around in open spaces. I also really enjoy our toddler group we go to on a Monday where we have both made a few friends and it sets me up for the week ahead.

    Family Fun Day!
    Family fun day! Always puts a smile on my face 🙂
  4.  Stop Comparing! Now if anybody who knew me read this they would be like – eh WHAT?! I compare myself and my life to everybody and it is nothing but toxic. A few instagram pictures is NOT an insight into anyone’s real life. Everyone has troubles and difficulties in life, it’s all part of the journey and I think we sometimes forget that. We need to stop comparing and learn to love ourselves and be confident in our own skin. After all, how can you be positive if you keep putting yourself down?
  5. Love Yourself! I think more of us need to learn to love ourselves and become comfortable with who we are as a person. I feel like a lot of people, including myself, always look for something more or feel like we have to be a certain someone to be liked. I am trying to accept myself for who I am and I truly feel like I am becoming a happier person because of it. I think as you grow older you realise that you don’t need to follow everyone else and you are allowed to have your own interests and thoughts. Do things for you, do what you enjoy, embrace you as you and be happy.


If you have any tips for staying positive, please feel free to leave a comment! Sharing is caring! 😉

Much love, Natalie x